Project Co-funded by the European Union

REASON FOR THE PROJECT: The risk of failing to implement the requirements of a new legislation (EN 1090), which is mandatory from the 1st of July 2014 onwards, is very high since SMEs in the metal construction sector is dealing with changes in their working procedures. This is foreseen to lead to an increase of costs for SMEs and consequently to an increasing number of internal difficulties to SMEs conforming to EN 1090. These new requirements mean additional efforts on all companies involved in construction and building of metal structures. The present project intends to help minimise this situation by developing a harmonized training course adjusted to market (employment) requirements allowing a perfect match between job seeke.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES: The project aims at avoiding unfulfillment of mandatory EN standards by European metal working companies. This will be done by developing an harmonized curriculum for personnel involved in the implementation of the EN 1090 in industry, focusing not only in large enterprises but also in SMEs in different European countries. This objective will be achieved through the definition of educational materials for the training of personnel involved in EN 1090 implementation.